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It's all about the people

Who we are

We are a highly experienced team of medical, technical, and professionals who love ensuring that patients receive the best care, by the best consultant, at the right time.

We work hard to ensure our best practice, clinical governance, and quality assurance is at its highest level, leading to extremely high patient satisfaction.

Eoin O'Reilly DermView CEO
Eoin O’Reilly

CEO & Founder

Dr. Rupert Barry Medical Director & Founder.png
Dr. Rupert Barry

Medical Director & Founder

DermView nursing team
Nursing Team


DermView support team
Support Team


DermView locations


Board of Directors

Bernard Somers (Chairperson)

Tony O’Brien

Donagh Barry

Tim Crowley

Mike Ryan

Eoin O’Reilly

Rupert Barry

Dr. Patrick Ormond

Medical Governance Committee

Tony O’Brien (Chairperson)

Dr. Patrick Ormond

Dr. Rupert Barry

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