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If we can’t make a diagnosis, we will refund your fee

What We Offer

Any Skin Condition | Any Body Location | Moles | Lesions | Rash | Acne

Our Service Includes

  • Rapid access appointments within 7-14 days

  • Registered Nurse (Face-to-face appointment at our imaging clinics)

  • Consultant Dermatologist (On the Specialist Register in Ireland diagnosing your condition)

  • Registered GP in Ireland (Phoning you directly following the Consultant Dermatologist diagnosis results are ready to discuss and arranging aftercare such as prescriptions or surgery)

  • Results within 30 days (Guaranteed)

  • Digital copy of your results

  • Invoice for private medical insurance claim

  • Full aftercare support

DermView price
Our Price

€299.00 (all inclusive)

Our Guarantee

If we can’t make a diagnosis, we will refund your fee.

Terms & Conditions

If the Consultant Dermatologist cannot diagnose your condition because of teledermatology we will refund the entire fee (open diagnosis due to medical reasons requiring further investigation is not included).


Self-referrals from patients will be accepted.

We understand the importance of the relationships between patients and their GP.

Referrals to our clinic by GPs can be made by Healthlink, Healthmail, direct email, telephone or post to Dermview Head Office.

Consultants vs Skin Specialist?

Unfortunately today, there are several practitioners who call themselves Dermatologists, Cosmetic Dermatologists or Skin Specialists who have no Specialist training in Dermatology.


Only Consultants who are on the Specialist Consultant Register of the country’s Medical Council and are able to use the DermView platform and are experts in their specialist fields. 

All our consultants are registered with the private medical insurance companies.

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