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Carmel, 60, Dublin, referral for growth on her arm

Carmel, a 60-year-old Dublin woman, noticed a concerning growth on her arm and visited her GP, who referred her to Beaumont Hospital. Shortly after, a representative from DermView contacted her to schedule a scan and consultant assessment via DermView’s Clinic in Carrickmines, Dublin.

My feet never touched the ground - said Carmel​

From the moment Carmel arrived at the DermView Clinic the staff put her at ease and clearly explained the diagnostic process. Impressed with the clinic's quick response time and efficiency, Carmel underwent scans and rated the cleanliness and infection control 10/10. She also appreciated the staff's communication skills and ability to make her feel comfortable.

I have very fair skin and am extremely careful, so you really need to watch out for any skin changes

Carmel says that “Her feet never touched the ground” and her entire visit lasted under an hour with Dr. Ormond and 30 minutes for the scans. The diagnosis revealed melanoma, and Carmel received prompt and professional treatment at Beaumont Hospital. ​

Overall, Carmel was highly satisfied with DermView's services, which quickly diagnosed and fast tracked her in to treatment for her skin cancer. She rated her experience with DermView 10 out of 10 and would highly recommend it to others.

The clinic's quick response time, cleanliness, and communication made a positive impact on Carmel's health and well-being, she said. She is now feeling much better and grateful for the professional service provided by DermView.​

This case study emphasises the importance of prompt and professional care for skin ailments and the positive impact such services can have on patients' health and well-being. Carmel also appreciated the accessibility of the clinic, which is situated near the Luas.​

Carmel feels that more awareness is needed for skin issues and the importance of using SPF in Ireland, as people don’t realise that the sun is just as damaging in colder climates too.​​

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