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Dermview, Ireland's only teledermatology service

What is DermView?

DermView is a new teledermatology service where people can avail of a system that provides rapid access to and diagnosis from leading hospital-based dermatology consultants and plastic surgeons, on skin concerns such as moles, lesions and rashes.

At present, DermView is Ireland’s only teledermatology service that offers rapid skin cancer diagnosis and full medical results within 30 days from the initial GP visit. Our teledermatology technology allows us to streamline the communication between the GP, dermatology consultant and patient in a secure, confidential and timely manner. This enables the patients to receive accurate diagnosis without the delay of waiting lists and expense of attending an in-hospital initial consultation.

What Do We Do?

DermView is an Irish company that works with Ireland’s leading Mohs surgeons, top consultant dermatologists, plastic surgeons and GP’s, to provide patients with the best teledermatology care possible.

DermView is a teledermatology service which means we use state of the art technology to take pictures of skin lesions, rashes or moles and send them to specialist consultants and surgeons for diagnosis, treatment and management.

We operate from our clinics which continue to open across a number of locations throughout Ireland. A network of 30+ clinics will be open in Ireland by October 2020, with a further 20 opening by March 2021, ensuring that our service is easily accessible to people all over the country.

To avail of this service and attend our clinics, a patient must first get a referral or e-referral letter from their GP or the patient may book directly with us, if the situation is urgent.

Once an appointment is booked, the patient will attend our clinic where our nurses will use our specialised cameras to take high-resolution images of the moles, lesions, or rashes that are cause of concern. A total of 5 moles or dermatology issues can be checked at any given appointment. They then use a powerful magnifying lens and lighting system that allows the examination of skin structures (this is called dermoscopy). Along with certain patient history, these images are then sent electronically to Irish hospital-based consultant dermatologists for analysis. This process is completely painless for the patient.

The results, along with the consultants full written medical report, will be returned to the patient within 30 days of their initial clinic visit, a stark contrast to the current waiting lists within the healthcare system.

Contact Us

If you would like to get any moles, lesions or rashes checked, please call 1800 911 665 or book online.

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