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Neil, 73, Kilkenny, referral for a facial growth

On July 29, a GP found a facial growth on Neil Curtis of Piltown, Kilkenny, and referred him to a consultant in his regional hospital. Tired of waiting, Neil, aged 73, contacted DermView and got an appointment three days later to go to his local clinic for a scan on August 25.

Staff took photographs of his face and ones with a special camera. They could see the blood vessels underneath with the photographs taken from their special camera. On August 31, DermView sent him a password protected email with his diagnosis. Having reviewed Neil’s scan, Dr Barry explained very clearly that he had an aggressive large facial skin cancer and needed to be treated as an urgent case.

Four weeks to the day Neil contacted DermView, Dr Barry removed the skin cancer in St James’s Hospital, which gave him great relief.

“I have a scar from my jaw to near my eye. I wish that I had known about DermView earlier, as I might have had a smaller scar and maybe not have needed radiation."

If I hadn’t the opportunity to avail of the DermView service, I could be dead.

"I would recommend DermView 100 per cent to other patients. Overall, staff provide a superb service. It is great to have a service where a consultant dermatologist can view your scan so quickly and determine whether or not it is an urgent case,” he said.

Neil's story was first published on 3rd December 2020 in Irish Medical Times. You can read the original article here.

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