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You may be outside more this summer, so don’t forget to protect your skin

Congratulations for two Consultant Dermatologists at DermView

When Rachel Yaull was diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma skin cancer in May 2019 at the age of 52, she was told had she been diagnosed 10 years earlier, she would have been advised to “get her affairs in order”.

However, the development of immunotherapy has revolutionised the treatment of advanced melanoma skin cancer and, today, three years on from her life-changing diagnosis, Rachel is cancer free.

Rachel was treated with surgery and immunotherapy which she took for 12 months, and while the side effects were gruelling at times she is now back at work and living a life that 10 years earlier she would almost certainly have been denied. “I am extremely thankful and feel so incredibly lucky that I was eligible for immunotherapy treatment which has given me my life back.”

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