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Get a rapid and accurate diagnosis

What is Teledermatology?

DermView’s teledermatology enables the patient to receive a rapid, accurate diagnosis from a leading dermatology consultant in Ireland.

In teledermoscopy, a specialist can receive digital dermoscopic lesion images through electronic transmission to examine them. DermView is a telediagnostic platform that enables specialists to do this.

Dermoscopy refers to the technical field of utilizing an epiluminescence microscope to view skin lesions in magnification in-vivo. It is especially useful in quickly detecting malignant skin lesions or melanoma.

The images and medical notes are assessed remotely by Consultant Dermatologists, without having to see the patient in person or via video link.

Digital dermoscopic images use specialist cameras designed for dermoscopy. As dermoscopy involves the examination of two-dimensional images, it perfectly suits digital imaging and teledermatology.

Leading Consultant dermatologists, Mohs surgeons, Plastic surgeons, Maxillofacial surgeons, and GP’s, are all using the DermView platform ensuring the formation of a state-of-the-art system.

The Clinic Process

Upon arrival at the clinic for your consultation, the Scanning Nurse will record your relevant medical history and complete a series of high definition microscopic and macroscopic images of the skin complaint from your referral using specialist imaging equipment.

What Happens Next

The images of your skin complaint along with the medical history taken by the Scanning Nurse will be reviewed by a DermView Consultant Dermatologist who will provide results and a treatment plan.




The Outcomes

There are 3 possible outcomes from the consultant dermatologist reports:

No follow up required
1. No Follow up Required

All is well and no intervention is needed. In this case you will receive an call from the DermView GP and an SMS with a direct link where you can view your results.

Prescription is required
2. A Prescription is Required

You will receive a call from a DermView GP to discuss the Consultant recommendations and a valid prescription will be issued to you or your pharmacy as required. (GMS patients – it is required to have your prescription transcribed onto a GMS prescription – this can be facilitated by leaving the original prescription with your GP)

Follow up consultation
3. A Follow-up Consultation

(biopsy/removal/face to face consultation with a consultant dermatologist) is recommended. You will automatically be referred to the correct Consultant or Hospital department for the procedure.

What's Next?

The Consultant or Hospital will arrange a follow-up appointment directly with you in the following weeks/months depending on the urgency of your skin condition.

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